Charlie's Storytelling Tent

Charlie’s Storytelling Tent

There is a magical, ethereal space at the Boca Raton Children’s Museum called Charlie’s Story Telling Tent!


The “Once Upon a Time” tent, created by a local Imagineer, is a canopy of shimmering gold covering a cozy, carpeted space complete with pillows and other sensory items. A sparkling chandelier with gossamer butterflies hanging inside the tent is the centerpiece of the project, completing the fairytale feel of the space.  This charming area encourages children’s imaginations and for them the stories being read or the ones they are telling come alive!


Daily storytelling is featured inside Charlie’s Story Telling Tent at the Boca Raton Children’s Museum. Children are also encouraged to read to each other inside the special space.


Florence Fuller Child Development Center supporter and former board president Peggy Henry stepped forward to name the storyteller tent for her daughter Charlie, in honor of her high school graduation. Once Henry was on board, other sponsors stepped up to help fund the creation of the tent.

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