The Boca Raton Children’s Museum programming can be experienced in several ways; exhibits, events, and outreach programs. We are committed to the development of creative skills through exposure to art, history, sciences and humanities. We provide programs, exhibits, activities and special events for children and families that supplement and complement school curricula. Through our on-campus exhibits and programs, and through our "Traveling Museum Program, we entertain and educate over 60,000 children each year.

Miniature Replica of Singing Pines Cottage Museum

Miniature Replica of Singing Pines Cottage Museum beautifully created by artist Katie Hahner

Exhibits In the Museum: The museum has many activity centers to occupy children's attention for hours. The museum staff is constantly adding new things for children to discover.

At Special Events: We conduct or participate in a number of family-oriented events in the community. Many of them are held right on our campus, such as KidsFest Spring Fling and Breakfast with Santa.

Through Summer Camp: We host a 4-week, city-sponsored summer camp called Adventure in the Arts Summer Camp. For more information: 561-368-6875.

Ricketts Corner Store gives children the opportunity to shop the old fashion way in this replica of Boca Raton’s first grocery. It is one of the favorite activities for children of all ages.

Ricketts Corner Store

KidsCents Bank Sponsored by First Southern Bank teaches the workings of a bank with teller windows and a working vault. Reading is important for this activity as prizes can be retrieved from the vault if word problems are answered correctly.

Oscar’s Post Office offers the opportunity to make handmade postcards to send to a favorite friend. If you know their address you even get a stamp and place it in the Museum’s Mailbox.

Dr. Dig’s Back-Porch, our Art & Science Exhibit features fossil and artifact identification along with a terrific life size puzzle created by local artist “Ashley”.

Dr. Dig’s Back-Porch

The Miniature Theater encourages children to play with the many hand puppets to use their imagination and express themselves artistically

The Miniature Theater

In the Parlor, children can have a tea party, dress up, play the piano or engage in board games. All activities are designed to encourage play and spark the imagination.

In the Parlor

Children of the Wilderness exhibit showcases the pioneer history of Singing Pines, the hand-built wooden home (circa 1913) that houses The Children's Museum. Visitors can step back in time to the early days of Boca Raton through the lifestyles of its children. "Imogene's Closet" is an interactive display of child-sized clothing with old-fashion dolls waiting to be played with. There are toys, games, crafts and other items to evoke the "pioneer" experience. Imogene Alice Gates, an original pioneer child of Boca, has recounted the adventures of these "Wilderness Children" in a memoir collection of vignettes and pictures. Rounding out the exhibit, freelance artist Dick Randall has constructed a light-wall display featuring the Myrick family, who built Singing Pines and were its first residents.

FACES Multicultural Room features musical instruments, try-on clothing, books and crafts from countries around the world.

FACES Multicultural Room

Lillian’s Kitchen is "look only" but has the treasured articles of “Singing Pines”, our historic name given by owner, Lillian Williams.

Lillian’s Kitchen

The Pirate Ship and Fort, an outdoor exhibit created by “The Imagineer” Adrian ST Cyr is always ready for an imaginary adventure.

The Pirate Ship and Fort

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Jason’s Music Hall is used for group S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art & mathematics projects.

Jason’s Music Hall